The Ty Lusk band of Chandler, Arizona, brings an Americana folk sound to the live music community.


Ty Lusk has been playing the Phoenix live music circuit for more than decade as a singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar player. He is known for bringing passionate performances, singing custom lyrics on the fly and using his talents as a musician to raise money for charity. Born and raised in Texas, Ty possesses a repertoire of musical influences ranging from Waylon Jennings to the Bee Gees to Prince. His daddy was country and his mama was disco. His love of music is a catalyst for him to create memorable experiences and bring people together.

His inspiration for song writing comes from personal experiences and has led to opening performances for such musical stars as Diana Ross, the Doobie Brothers and Kenny Loggins.

Chad Stallings: Chad’s first memories of music are listening jazz and blues records while playing on fathers office floor. It wasn’t until a friend in 6th grade gave him a cassette of “Kiss the Sky” that he realized that he wanted to play guitar. Fast-forward to today, he rocks the lead guitar and his musical influences stem from jazz, blues, classic rock, bluegrass, classic country and the work of Garcia and Weir.

Ernie Nicasio: Ernie brings a solid beat to the band on percussion. He adds a sound on the African drum inspired by some of his favorites including Santana, Herbie Hancock, Malo, and Earth Wind and Fire. He started playing bongos as a child. He has been playing the Cajon for more than 10 years. Ernie brings a fun-loving attitude and great beats.

Ben Allred: Ben is more than just your typical, classically trained violinist raised in the Southeast Valley town of Gilbert. He’s also into merging various types of violin genres blending them into rock and high-energy live shows. For Ben, music was always a big part of an extended family growing up.  His mother began teaching him violin when he was in 4th grade and from there he taught himself other instruments such as piano, viola and bass. Since high school he’s been a part of some form of musical project — garage bands to the University Philharmonic Symphony, and from performing in streets to playing at Carnegie Hall.

You will find Ben playing the violin with Tempe’s gypsy/indie rock band, Dry River Yacht Club.  Since 2010, he has been with DRYC taking their live show to Arizona, San Diego, L.A. and Austin’s SXSW music festival.  He also collaborates with various musician friends and continues to perform in his family quartet for wedding events.

Coming together with a range of experiences, the Ty Lusk band offers raw and passionate performances filled with positivity. Ty’s love of music and bringing people together are contagious.